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RiskConnect Insights 2022

It’s 14 years since the person or persons calling themselves Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the kick-off white paper on Bitcoin. It’s 13 years since the first block on the Blockchain was mined. And 12 since Bitcoin was used in the first real-world transaction to buy a couple of pizzas.

But just as a week is a long time in politics, 12-14 years is almost an eternity in the life of cryptocurrencies. Since March this year alone, crypto app downloads have broken the 100-million mark for the first time. Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, was granted a virtual asset licence in Dubai. And Bitcoin has fallen below $30,000 for the first time since July 2021.

This just goes to illustrate that the cryptocurrency landscape is dynamic, diverse, and complex. This inevitably means two things: great opportunities for merchants and their acquirers to get involved in this nascent space and great risks.

The first RiskConnect Insights event in 2022 will shed on key crypto challenges, current trends in the areas of investigative services, regulation, public policy, and cross-border compliance.

What to Expect:

  • Free, on-demand access to thought-provoking presentations
  • Practical take-aways relevant to risk and compliance professionals
  • Analysis on hot-button topics in one lively panel discussion


5 Presentations 8 minutes
  • We hear from our host and sponsors as to what’s on the agenda at RiskConnect Insights. Join us for an expert look into the world of crypto, crime, and compliance. Also, we give a sneak peek at our newest Online Academy course.

Presentations and Panel Discussion

5 Presentations 144 minutes
  • From our expert speakers you will find out how the crypto world is developing, what the current trends are and what the future looks like.

Wrap Up

5 Presentations 1 minutes
  • A thank you to our sponsor and our media partner as well as an introduction to Web Shield's Online Academy.

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