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RiskConnect Virtual 2020

Licit and illicit trade have existed side by side for centuries. Fraudsters, money launderers and criminals in general have long abused the infrastructure of the legitimate economy to make their illegitimate activities pay.

We’ve made money laundering and deceptive practices the themes of RiskConnect Virtual 2020. After all, financially motivated crime is pointless without a pay-out.

As banks and others have increased their anti-money laundering and anti-financial crime controls, criminals are turning to less observed parts of the financial system. Acquirers and those providing payment services to merchants are in the criminals’ line of sight.

The conference is also taking place against the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 has shown how quickly criminals are able to invent new scams and re-purpose old ones. It’s not just criminals that can adapt and evolve. Risk professionals can, too. It’s actually something they’re quite good at because risk is dynamic by nature — as are risk professionals.

Increasing the effectiveness of any response through collaboration with vendors, peers, card schemes and law enforcement is now more important than ever. With that in mind, we’re pleased to welcome you to RiskConnect Virtual, the aim of which remains connecting the industry and encouraging dialogue and collaboration in these business-as-unusual times.

What to Expect:

  • Free, on-demand access to 11 thought-provoking keynote speeches and presentations from risk and compliance thought leaders
  • Practical take-aways with updates from both major international card schemes
  • Behind-the-headlines analysis with 2 lively panel discussions
  • Complimentary magazine with all the latest around risk, compliance, underwriting and anti-fraud


2 Presentations 8 minutes
  • Covid. Brexit. Trump. The world in 2020 is different. So are the threats and opportunities. We hear from our host and sponsors as to what’s on the agenda at RiskConnect Virtual 2020. And how risk professionals are pivotal in helping their organizations not only survive but thrive in 2021 and beyond.

Anti-Money Laundering

4 Presentations 135 minutes
  • Money laundering is the engine to all financially motivated crime. This chapter looks at recent trends and policy responses. It lifts the lid on how shell companies can be used, misused and detected. And discusses how KYB (know your business) must evolve to meet the challenges.

Fraud, Cybercrime and Deceptive Marketing

5 Presentations 197 minutes
  • This chapter considers deception in all its forms. The presenters examine the psychology of scams to help prevent you becoming a victim. They consider how cybercriminals cooperate effectively when deception is the norm. And discuss current deceptive marketing trends impacting consumers but also potentially exposing payment providers to clawbacks, fines and reputational harm.

The Future of Payments and Fraud Prevention

2 Presentations 30 minutes
  • Covid-19 has forced everyone to adapt quickly. This chapter examines how consumer behavior, fraud and acquirer risk have been impacted as criminals pivot towards new opportunities. Plus looks at the evergreen problem of false positives, namely declining good customers, and what can be done about it.


6 Presentations 11 minutes
  • A summary of the key trends and take-aways to emerge from this year’s RiskConnect. Plus details on how to order your copy of ‘Fundamentals of Card-not-Present Merchant Acceptance: Understanding Anti-Money Laundering’.

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