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RiskConnect Virtual 2021

Asked why he robbed banks, prolific US bank robber Willie Sutton is alleged to have responded, that’s where the money is. In the modern economy, data equals money, so hold-ups have gone digital.

Criminals have adapted well. They’re masters at making crime pay, whether that’s inventing new online scams, or putting a digital spin on old, real-world crimes.

We’ve made ‘Following the Money’ the theme of RiskConnect Virtual 2021. We hear from experts in their field as to how crypto swindlers, counterfeiters, online pirates, website cloners and many more operate. Plus, how anti-fraud, risk and compliance professionals can fight back.

It takes a network to catch organised criminal networks. Increasing the effectiveness of response through collaboration with vendors, peers, card schemes and law enforcement is now more important than ever.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to welcome you to Risk Connect Virtual, the aim of which remains connecting the industry and encouraging dialogue and collaboration in the fight against financial crime.

What to Expect:

  • Free, on-demand access to thought-provoking presentations
  • Practical take-aways relevant to risk and compliance professionals
  • Analysis of hot-button topics in three lively panel discussions


4 Presentations 7 minutes
  • We hear from our host and sponsors as to what’s on the agenda at RiskConnect Virtual 2021. And how risk professionals are helping to shape their organisations’ response in changing times.

Follow the Money

5 Presentations 202 minutes
  • How to steal billions – trillions, even – through grand corruption, crypto swindles and IP theft, plus how risk and compliance professionals can fight back.

High-Risk Merchant

3 Presentations 112 minutes
  • The challenges of high-risk merchant acquiring, including new rules for adult content merchants, and the latest in RegTech.

Current Trends

5 Presentations 135 minutes
  • An alphabet soup of trends, including the ABC of underwriting, the latest on CBD and PSD2.

Spotlight on Eastern Europe

2 Presentations 107 minutes
  • How risk and compliance professionals in Eastern Europe fight fraud, financial crime in general and transaction laundering in particular.

Wrap Up

6 Presentations 11 minutes
  • A summary of the key trends and take-aways to emerge from this year’s RiskConnect Virtual.

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