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Learn what it takes to be an underwriter in the payments industry - anywhere, anytime. Our course modules are designed for beginners and experts alike.


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All courses are prepared and reviewed by experienced risk professionals who know the ins and outs of underwriting in a high-risk environment.

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Criminals move fast, so must underwriters. Invest in yourself and your career by staying up to date on the latest trends in regulation, card scheme rules and fraud tactics

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Access online course anytime that fits your schedule, on any device with internet access.

What Our

We’ve been working with Web Shield as a training provider for some years and think that these online courses are a super addition to their curriculum. They are especially helpful for new joiners, refresher training and staff working in smaller offices, where we’d ordinarily have to fly them out to attend a training course.
Stanley Skoglund Head of Risk & Compliance, Worldline Global
Great way to deliver this course content. Even for an old hand, who knew that learning as an adult in the multi-media age with animations, videos, online quizzes and so forth could be fun as well as professionally beneficial?
Kevin Smith Director, Riskskill
It’s unfortunate that so many education providers have had to cancel in-person courses due to the global pandemic. But I’ve continued to invest in my professional development with these Web Shield courses — and all without leaving my home office! I enjoyed working through the lessons at my own pace and would recommend these courses.
Alex Noton Business Development - International, Fintact
It is very good. It is great for beginners and it explains different topics quite well. I also like that each chapter/section is not very long so you can totally manage the speed you want to go through it and easily find any topic you want to listen to again.
Dagmar Bjornsdottir Senior Payments Consultant, Minerva

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